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Love's Attic

Love’s Attic


A place for need…Not greed

Love’s Attic is a ministry of the church created to assist:

  • those who are trying to re-establish their lives,
  • those who are trying to set up their homes with limited resources,
  • senior citizens with their needs,
  • those who are willing to share with other member of the church who may have an unexpected need but limited resources


This ministry exists to help members who are in need of items for their homes and are unable to purchase at the time of their move.  Love’s Attic is a ministry, which coordinate the surplus of people with a heart of love to give freely to those who are in need. 

The coordinator will schedule the pick-up of items from the giver and deliver them to the recipient.   Anonymity may be a factor.

There is not a cost to the recipient for the donated items.  The contributors do not charge.  However, the act is “priceless”.

For more information please contact the church office at 746-0422.


Let us not be found guilty of building bigger barns.  But let us be found guilty of sharing our abundance with those in need.



Coordinator: Lillie Jordan

Community Thanksgiving

The Westside Community Churches worship together every Thanksgiving Day @ 8 a.m.  These churches are:  Center Hill, Greater Zion Hill, New Hope and Lizzie Chapel.

Community Scholarship

Since 1993, we have awarded over $51,000.00 scholarships to Lizzie Chapel’s youth and Community Outreach students. The Scholarship Committee develops methods to build and manage funds from which scholarships are given to high school graduates who desire to further their education in an institution of higher learning. Currently, our major fundraising effort is our Annual Scholarship Banquet held each year in May at which $500.00 scholarships are awarded to each recipient.

Although the second Sunday of each month is designated for scholarship contribution, you can contribute any Sunday by marking appropriately on the church envelope or through our online giving. Please consider contributing an individual or family scholarship to a deserving student.

Twelve students were honored at the banquet on May 7, 2011; Angelica Bentley, Joenelle Frye, Rick Goodwin, Jr. Jasmine King, Rick Merritt, Renar Moody, James Pleas, Thelron Pleas, Trayvon Prather, and Kelsey Williams from Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church. Our two community scholarships were awarded to Erika Huston and Sharieff Powell both from Hutchings Career Center.

Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church is proud to continue its legacy of encouraging students to excel academically.

Angel Tree

For the past few years our church has been involved in the angel tree program spons ored by the Prison Fellowship Ministry.  The program works by connecting parents in prison with their children through delivering gifts at christmas in the name of the incarcerate parent.  Through the efforts of the Mission and Action Ministry, children of incarcerated parents are identified and contacted to determine how many children are in the home and what are some of the needs that our church can provide. 

Once all the gifts have been purchased and wrapped, we invite the families to our annuall Christmas party and along with distributing gifts, share the gospel of Christ with parents and children.

Facilitators:  Vanessa Brundrage & Modestine Davis

For More Information:  Angel Tree

Ingram/Pye Elementary School

Our Adopted School

Our mission statement says, that a part of our mission is to prepare lives.  The church decided in 1998 to adopt Ingram Pye elementary school to support them in the work of educating our children.  Over the years we have a partnership with Ingram Pye Elementary School, by providing assistance and help with various programs at the school.  We offer:

  • Offer classroom support for teachers
  • Assist by reading to students
  • Donate school supplies
  • Donate money for school trips
  • Offer transportation for local trips
  • Speak to parents in assemblies
  • We provide tutoring,
  • Proctoring of standardized test

We sponsor breakfast for the entire staff of Ingram Pye at the beginning and end of each school year to encourage and support the administration and staff of the school.  

We applaud the efforts of Ingram Pye and praise God for the volunteer support from the church that assists in preparing our youth for their futures.

Coordinator:  Rev. Leonard Bell

Ingram Pye Elementary School

Living Waters Recovery Home for Women

Living Waters Recovery Home for Women seeks to liberate women from the bondage of alchohol and drug addiction through a holistic approach to healing in a residential setting.  Clients are provided with addiction awareness and relaspse prevention education, anger management and llife skills over a nine month period, allowing them to acquire tools that enable them to become members of the communty in which they live.

The work of the Living Waters Recovery Home for Women falls in line with the mssion of the church.  Our pastor is a founding member of this organization and leads the church in supporting the very important work of this organization.  We are monthly contributors and participants in this work and have tremendously benefitted from this labor of love. 

For more information: Living Waters Recovery Home for Women

Macon Rescue Mission

For over 10 years our church has been involved in the support of the work of Macon Rescue Mission.  Because the mission of the Macon Rescue Mission is lline with the mission of our church, we cooperate in supporting services that contribute to the continuing success of the mission.

On the first Sundays of every month ministers and members hold religious services for the residents of the mission.  Associate Ministers are assigned a month to preach, and along with teachers and worship leaders conduct service for an hour.  The teachers have age-appropriate bible classes for the children of parents in the residence.

In addition, we contribute warm meals for residence and transportation for those who want to attend worship services.  Our church has been blessed to have members who discovered our ministry through the partnership of this ministry.

The Macon Rescue Mission is a very important asset to the Macon community and we praise God for inspiration and resources that are offered through their work.

For more information:  Macon Rescue Mission

Evangelism Ministry

The evangelism ministry members share a love for seeking the lost. They go throughout the community to various neighborhoods and events telling others of of Christ's love for humanity, or simply through acts of kindness and prayer reveal God's love through service.  Every first Sunday members of the Evangelism team go to the Macon Rescue Mission and hold services for residents. 



Manna Ministries

Manna Community Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church for the purpose of developing and implementing programs that will address the needs of youth and families. Located in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood of approximately 75% African-Americans, our organization is uniquely suited to meet the needs of the residents. We are African Americans with rooted ties to the neighborhoods that we serve, and not similar to many other organizations because we live or work in the neighborhoods, and are members of the founding institution that has been in this location for 113 years. As a result, our model of providing needed services to those persons not affiliated nor requiring affiliation with our founding institution, or any other institution similar to our founding institution can be replicated in many other comparable neighborhoods. We are located in the Bartlett Crossing/Cherokee Heights community in the West Macon area. (US Census Tracks: 123, 124, and 125)

Federal Tax ID 58-2240684

Mission Statement:
To develop and implement programs to serve the needs of youth and families, improve housing for the poor, close the digital divide gap, serve as a neighborhood resource center, and to improve the quality of life for the neighborhood residents and the total community.

Community Projects:

Manna Community Day is a community fun day. This is a family friendly fun day with free activities for the community.

Bartlett Crossing Revitalization Project is a community development project focusing on developing single family housing, a senior citizen complex, and commercial complex to house, Manna Ministries, Inc. corporate office, Manna Community Technology Center, school for grades P-K to grade 3, and other small businesses.

Community Empowerment Day is held two times a year to inform the community residents of the status of projects, and to receive input from residents and other community stakeholders.

Manna Community Technology Center provides computer training for all ages and all skill levels year round. Classes are very small with students receiving personal attention. Internet and other technology services are available. These services are free to our target area residents. A small fee is charged to others.

Children and Youth Projects:

Manna Tutorial Program (MTP) is an after school program for children and youth ages 6-18. The program is conducted Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 8 p.m. during the Macon, Bibb County, and Georgia public school year. The program’s emphases are homework assistance, and some one-on-one and group tutoring. We provide quality adult supervision, evening meals, and enrichment activities.

Manna Youth Summer Opportunity Program (MYSOP) is an eight-week enrichment program for disadvantaged and at risk school age children and youth. The objective is to provide an affordable, quality and accessible youth enrichment program to alleviate or reduce the chances for children and teens to be left without quality adult supervision. Also to keep school children /youth in a learning mode in a relaxed environment. Activities are age and grade appropriate.

Youth Financial Institution for ages 11 to 18. Participants will manage a personal savings, checking, and investment account.

Community Involvement:

The community’s involvement is a great asset to this organization. Persons and businesses in the community may work as a partner by volunteering, making monetary or goods donations, participating in our activities, and fundraisers. Donations made to Manna Ministries, Inc. are tax exempt under the rules of the IRS. Information is available to the public on how donations are used. Persons with access to the Internet may logon the GuideStar Website or the Georgia Secretary of State for funding information. Information can also be received by contacting our office.

Financial support is accepted:

Checks should be made payable to:
Manna Ministries, Inc.

Goods and service support is accepted
To make donations forwarded to:
Manna Ministries, Inc.
1180 Bartlett Street
Macon, Georgia 31204

Board of Directors Officers

Rev. Ronald G. Toney, President , Pastor of Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church
Mrs. Sarah S. Henry, Secretary

Board of Directors Members

Miss Delores A. Brooks, Former Macon City Council Member, Retired Teacher
Mr. Charlie C. Code, Sr.
Ms. Carrie “Mae” Smith 
Mrs. Lynda Thomas
Mrs. Theresa L. Harris

Mr. Charles Murphey


Ms. Burnesee J. Hill, Chief Executive Officer

Contact us at:
Manna Ministries, Inc.
1180 Bartlett Street
Macon GA 31204
Phone 478 746-8033
Fax 478 755-0790
e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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