Lizzie Chapel has been around a long time Proclaiming Christ, Preparing Lives, and Preserving Families. Located in the historic Bartlett Crossing community of Macon GA, Lizzie Chapel has continued its service to humanity through her commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have for well over 100 years continued in our quest to make a difference in the community where we are located.  And we are blessed to see a community that was dying due to urban blight and neglect now coming alive with new life, faith and hope.

If you live in the Macon community and have never visited our church, attended any of our services, or participated in any of our ministries, know that you are welcome to come at any time.  Or if you are ever visiting our area and are needing a place for fellowship and worship, stop by and make yourselves at home.  Until then enjoy the site.  We are glad that you have stopped by to check us out and we hope that this experience will richly reward you with information that you will find beneficial to your Christian walk of faith with God.

                  Ronald & Patricia Toney


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