Nurture and Support Ministry
The Nurture and Support Ministry exists to embrace, assist and nurture individuals and families by providing a system of support.  The Nurture and Support Ministry is a department that consist of several ministries that endeavor to address congregational and personal needs in reference to helping members to acquire an understanding of God's word, and to discover how they are to live their lives as mature men and women of God in relationship.  The areas of ministry are:


Marriage Ministry

This ministry is designed as an outlet for married couples to share experiences and to receive practical advice based on the Word of God. This ministry encourages spiritual growth and stability within marriages.  The ministry is open to members and non-members. The Marriage Ministry sponsors and attends conferences, and hosts events throughout the year. 


Fellowship Club

The Fellowship Club is a group of members who meet monthly for fun, food and fellowship.  They meet monthly for no other purpose than to strengthen the bonds of relationships among the membership. 


Women’s Ministry


Men’s Ministry

  Facilitators: Deacon and Mrs. Bobby Jordan,



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