Deacon Ministry



The Deacon ministry serves under  the  leadership of the pastor and assists him in caring for the needs of the membership.  Their responsibilities enta

  • Coordinating the Benevolence Ministry;
  • Visitating sick and hospitalized members;
  • Protecting the unity of the church;
  • Supporting the vision and work of the pastor and church.

Deacons recognize that their primary role is that of supportive servants of the church. 

Deacon Team Family Assignments

The purpose of family assignments is to track, nurture, disciple and care for members.  The deacons serve as liasons of the pastor and inform him on a regular basis of the status of the membership. Members are alphabetically grouped and assigned to various teams of deacons.  The assignments are as follows:

Team#1:    Deacons Jerome Bryant, Rex Sampson               A, B, Y
Team#2:    Deacons N.R. Cubit, Moses Bundrage, James Duhart Jr.        C, D, V
Team#3:    Deacons Bobby Jordan, Sr. Gregory Cubit, Curtis Worsham   E, F, W
Team#4:    Deacons Herman Lockett, Willie White, Wiley Bowman       G. H,, I
Team#5:    Deacons Tommie Penix, Marvin Ware                J.K. T
Team#6:    Deacons Troy Scott, Ronnie Wilder,                     L, M, U
Team#7     DeaconsGeorge Stokes, Michael Mims                N, O, P
Team#8:    Deacons Albert Tharpe, Leroy Moore, Curtis McClendis          R, S, Q

Each deacon team is encouraged to promote fellowship among their groups.

Chairman, Deacon Charlie C. Code
Asst. Chair, Deacon James Duhart
Treasurer, Deacon Bobby Jordan, Sr.


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