Ingram/Pye Elementary School

Our Adopted School

Our mission statement says, that a part of our mission is to prepare lives.  The church decided in 1998 to adopt Ingram Pye elementary school to support them in the work of educating our children.  Over the years we have a partnership with Ingram Pye Elementary School, by providing assistance and help with various programs at the school.  We offer:

  • Offer classroom support for teachers
  • Assist by reading to students
  • Donate school supplies
  • Donate money for school trips
  • Offer transportation for local trips
  • Speak to parents in assemblies
  • We provide tutoring,
  • Proctoring of standardized test

We sponsor breakfast for the entire staff of Ingram Pye at the beginning and end of each school year to encourage and support the administration and staff of the school.  

We applaud the efforts of Ingram Pye and praise God for the volunteer support from the church that assists in preparing our youth for their futures.

Coordinator:  Rev. Leonard Bell

Ingram Pye Elementary School

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