The purpose of the Education Ministry is to facilitate a biblically informed, spiritually aware, educated church. The Education Ministry was organized to facilitate Lizzie Chapel’s commitment to the Great Commission to teach God’s people. This Ministry provides leadership in planning, conducting, and evaluating comprehensive educational programs for the Church. In order to effectively carry out its mission, the Education Ministry is arranged into three units of the church’s organizational structure - Christian Education, Educational Development, and Health.

Educational Development

Janice Flowers - Facilitator

The Educational Development Ministry seeks to assist students in their academic endeavors, encourage them to excel academically, and provide resources that will aid students in determining the direction of their futures. This ministry is composed of four committees:

  • Scholarship Committee, which awards all Lizzie Chapel students, alone with two students from the community, $500.00 scholarships for tuition at college or trade school;
  • College-Career Day committee, where colleges are invited to share important information with students, and professionals invited to share with students information about their chosen professions.
  • Tutorial Program assists students in comprehending and mastering difficult subjects and concepts.
  • The Graduate’s Recognition Day is held to recognize all graduates from high school and college. This service is held during the Eleven O’ clock worship hour at the end of each school year.

The Educational Development Ministry also coordinates Lizzie chapel’s adoption of Hamilton Elementary School. Other services include educational Guidance and test preparation.

Health Ministry

Michelle Simpson, Coordinator

The Health Ministry was organized to promote health within Lizzie Chapel’s congregation and the wider community. Membership consists of health professionals and other interested church members. Ministries include: Health and Wellness, HIV/AIDS and Seminars.  

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