Macon Rescue Mission

For over 10 years our church has been involved in the support of the work of Macon Rescue Mission.  Because the mission of the Macon Rescue Mission is lline with the mission of our church, we cooperate in supporting services that contribute to the continuing success of the mission.

On the first Sundays of every month ministers and members hold religious services for the residents of the mission.  Associate Ministers are assigned a month to preach, and along with teachers and worship leaders conduct service for an hour.  The teachers have age-appropriate bible classes for the children of parents in the residence.

In addition, we contribute warm meals for residence and transportation for those who want to attend worship services.  Our church has been blessed to have members who discovered our ministry through the partnership of this ministry.

The Macon Rescue Mission is a very important asset to the Macon community and we praise God for inspiration and resources that are offered through their work.

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